What You Need to Know About The 6 Types of Self Care

If there is one thing I had never known about self care is that it can actually be categorized. More importantly, each of these categories is actually of great significance to your life that you will have to practise them at some point.So let’s explore each one of them!

Physical Self Care

Physical self care involves anything you do to improve your physical well being. This includes going for walks, sleeping for at least seven hours, having sex, eating healthier and even exercising regularly. Physical self care also involves taking days off and seeing your doctor when you are sick. Remember that all you’re doing here is taking care of your body and your health.

Spiritual Self Care

Now spiritual self care isn’t just about religion though it can be for some people. It involves being in touch with your spirituality and your humanity and this can stretch from taking part in worship activities to taking part in volunteering activities, being one with nature, meditating, taking part in a cause greater than you or watching something inspirational.

“When we take the time to nourish our spirit first, our life changes and we become the instruments to give the gifts that we’ve come here to give.”

-Suzi Lula


Emotional Self Care

This basically involves taking care of your feelings. Pent up feelings tend to blow up at the worst times, which can ruin relationships and even bring embarrassment to oneself. So allow yourself to feel the different emotions in life. Allow yourself to be happy when you finish a project. Allow yourself to cry over a breakup or to cry about a sad movie. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of a loved one. Allow yourself to be hopelessly in love. Just allow yourself to feel.

Social Self Care

Social self care involves building or strengthening our relationships with people other than our immediate family. Man is a social animal as was said by Aristotle. Socialising with our friends is quite therapeutic. I know this may not be top priority for introverts (I’m one so I would know) but we cannot go through life alone. Having meaningful and healthy relationships can improve your overall emotional and mental health. Practice social self care by having lunch with your friends or coworkers, spending time with your family or even playing in the park. Of course you don’t have to say yes to everything, just keep tabs with important people in your life.

Intellectual Self Care

This is probably my favorite. Intellectual self care involves exercising your brain. It involves being curious and wanting to learn more. It involves being open to new and creative ideas. There is something I read online some time ago. When we do things that are challenging, our brains strengthens activities in the neural pathways involved so that in a way, our intelligence is increased in the activity; it’s called brain plasticity. Anyway, thinking cap off, what I’m trying to say is that, exercising our brains improves our critical thinking and problem solving skills. You can do this by doing puzzles, reading a novel, playing chess, learning a new language, learning how to play an instrument, writing, having a creative hobby (like knitting) and even listening to audiobooks and informative podcasts.

Safety and Security Self Care

It probably doesn’t sound like a thing. It’s still important though. It involves being aware and proactive in ensuring your personal safety and security. This means that you need to be taking necessary measures to ensure that you are managing your finances properly, having health insurance and even investing. Do not wait until you are in a bad situation so that you start learning about your finances. Start now.

So there you have it. Self care broken down into 6. Purpose to incorporate each one in your life and you will see a difference in know time. And have fun while you’re at it!


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